Project Name

DDC Events Brand Identity Refresh

Client needed to refresh his brand identity. This included new logo, business card model, Facebook cover and poster design.

DDC Events is a sound and lightning company who desired to make a professional impact upon its target customers using a new brand identity. The owner has only requested to keep the brand colors using mainly two colors: black and blue. Besides logo and business card design, there was the need for a Facebook cover template where he can change main background images and a poster design for the services price list.

What we loved about this client is the fact that he gave us the freedom to be creative and impress him, without to many design changes requests. Bellow you will find the design made and the links to his online presence.

Client Name

DDC Events


2 Days

Resources Used

Photoshop, Illustrator

Final Cost

200 Euros


DDC Events

Graphic Designs: