Project Name

Indigo Beauty House Brand Identity And Social Media

Client opened a fresh new business, and was seeking for a modern, eye catching brand identity.

Indigo Beauty House is a newly formed business by three amazingly professional girls, who joined forces to offer excellent beauty and styling services. They have chosen us to take care of their brand identity, seeking for a modern, eye catching design approach, which included logo, business cards, flyer, price list, social media graphics and motion graphics.

Starting from a few color choices and some sample designs for inspiration, we have created their logo. The client was seeking for a polygonal design and colors that are in the Indigo spectrum. From here onward, the rest of the media designs started to have fluidity and continuity, meeting the clients modern and eye catching demand. All the designs have been sent to a printing and signage company, of clients choice, that managed to turn the digital designs into outstanding stationary quality and a truly head turning, illuminated outdoor sign.

What we loved about this project? The freedom to design something new from the beginning, with an overwhelming feedback and satisfaction from the client. Our collaboration is ongoing for their social media needs, and we wish these girls success in their endeavours and quality services.

Client Name

Indigo Beauty House


3-4 Weeks

Resources Used

Photoshop, Illustrator, AfterEffects, Social Media Tools

Final Cost

400 Euros


Indigo Beauty House

Motion Graphics:
Graphic Designs: