Project Name

NRfoto Web Development And Design

This client is a professional photographer/videographer who needed a new website.

Nela Rackiewiczova is an independent photographer/videographer who needed a professional looking website to exhibit her portfolio, services offered and an online booking system. The client also requested to optimize the website for a strong search engine presence and dual language translation(English and Czech).

She desired a simple platform where she can upload her portfolio on her own, so we decided to use WordPress for it’s flexibility and simplicity. After the website has been finished we provided consultancy on how to operate the CMS and transferred ownership of the domain name, hosting, and SSL certificates accounts. We connected the website to Google Analytics and Search Console for tracking users and for optimizing search engine position.

What we loved about this client was the fact that she understood how much work is involved in building and maintaining a website. She followed our guides for operating WordPress and our tips on optimizing images added to the portfolio for maximum page speeds, which count on ranking higher on search engines.

Client Name



3 Weeks

Resources Used

Adobe CC Suite, Full Stack Web, cPanel, CMS, SEO, Marketing/Analytics

Final Cost

1200 Euros


NR Photography

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