Project Name

WiFiber Brand Identity And Web Design

Client needed a brand identity and digital presence for a newly opened WISP company. This included new logo, stationary, car design, website and advertising material.

WiFiber is a wireless internet service provider which focuses on connecting to the internet, remote locations, both residential and business, near Thesaloniki area, Greece. The client was seeking a design from scratch for it’s newly opened company. Our collaboration started from the basics with planning and strategy. After deciding for the optimal approach for their market and the channels they will use, we started working¬† towards implementing the designs. We designed their stationary(logo, business cards, flyers, etc), car design and social media graphics for higher impact on their audience.

They already purchased the domain name from a provider based in Greece, and we linked it to a hosting, recommended by us, due to it’s competitive prices and great server response times, which matter immensely when it comes to ranking on search engines . We recommended, building the website on WordPress platform for its simplicity, flexibility and security. What came out after weeks of collaboration, was a website that fitted their design, functionality and marketing needs. Basic training was provided on how to use the platform and how to add content for optimum SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

The web design implements two different languages (Greek and English), both search engine optimized for maximum targeted audience reach and best ranking.  It is SSL secured for privacy protection and linked to Google Analytics and Search Console for a better understanding of their audience. Based on analytics the client can optimize their marketing efforts and reduce costs to stay competitive on their market segment.

What made this project special? The challenge, complexity and great collaboration with the client. Creating a digital identity from scratch has the benefit of connecting all the designs in a fluent way for a stronger presence and impact. The website is currently ranking #1 in search engines, for high volume keywords and against it’s main competitors. Below you will find some of our designs and links to the client.

Client Name

WiFiber (Wireless Internet Services Provider)


8 Weeks

Resources Used

Adobe CC Suite, Full Stack Web, cPanel, CMS, SEO, Marketing/Analytics

Final Cost

2600 Euros



Brand Identity And Website Design On Various Devices: